Established in 2008, the Zip Fiji is the first canopy tour operator in Fiji. Where else can you experience a rush of adrenalin and appreciation of nature at the same? It’s a feeling like no other and it’s no surprise that the zip line is one of Fiji’s most popular tourist attractions. Not only do you experience the ultimate thrill, but you also walk away (or should we say bounce away?) knowing a bit more of Fiji’s culture and ecology.

The experienced guides will assist you with the special zip lining equipment as well as educate you at the same time about Fiji’s environment. The concept of the zip line ensures there’s limited ground base activity resulting in less erosion and damage. The structures have been kept minimalistic to ensure a low impact on wildlife habitats and leave no environmental footprint upon removal.


Zip FijiWith many of Zip Fiji’s guests being first timers who have no knowledge about zip lining or Fiji, this is an excellent opportunity to provide ecological information and promote cultural understanding. Zip Fiji understands that we live in the day and age where fun activities for humans can majorly impact the environment. How often do we see rubbish or waste from human activity in the sea or forest? That is why Zip Fiji consciously aims to have respectful practices.

Zip Fiji

Suitable for any age, zip lining is a once in a lifetime activity. Soar through the rainforest and enjoy stunning views of the landscape amongst stunning flora and fauna. Afraid? Don’t be! You can be reassured that your safety is paramount and the well maintained equipment is in top condition. The staff is highly experienced and is exclusively hired from the local area. Not only are they familiar with the area, it also promotes local economic growth.

Open seven days a week, all year round, the adventure is on regardless of the weather. If you are in Nadi, zip over 16 giant zip lines high above the canyon into Fiji’s largest cave. It’s only 35 minutes away from down town Nadi and is the newest zip line in Fiji. If you’re in Pacific Harbor, experience Fiji’s original zipline that’s only 25 minutes away. It will see you soaring 2km over eight giant zip lines high above the forest floor and the Wainadoi River valley. The tour operates in all weather conditions except when there is lightning overhead, high winds or heavy rain.

Zip Fiji

For those who are looking for the ultimate adventure then don’t miss out abseiling into a 40 meter deep cave. The Ultimate Adventure tour includes 4 abseils and 16 ziplines. The minimum age is 10, and the minimum amount of participants is set at 3. All you need is comfortable clothing and shoes that have a good grip to them. Shuttle and a yummy Thai meal with bottled water is included in the tour. For more information, please visit

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