Pacific Harbour Ocean & Island Excursions is Fiji’s premier charter operator that strives to create the ultimate water adventure. Headquartered in Pacific Harbor, informally known as the ‘Adventure Capital of Fiji’, with the famous Bega Lagoon as their backyard, the company offers a range of adventure excursions including shark diving, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, surfing, waterfall trekking, river rafting, zip lining and more.

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsIf your idea of a tropical getaway is lying under a coconut tree with a cocktail in hand, then Pacific Harbour Ocean and Island Excursions are able to cater for that, but let them get your adrenaline pumping first. The cocktails and coconut trees can wait til after you’ve finished your snorkelling excursion in Bega Lagoon with manta rays. If you’re really not keen to get wet, then you may as well truly soak in the beauty of Fiji with a sunset cruise that includes canapés and a fully stocked bar.

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsGetting married? If you’re up looking for something alternative to start your pre-wedding celebrations, why not celebrate your hens and bucks night on-board the luxury high speed Catamaran to Yanuca Island? The girls will enjoy the first half of their day on the island being pampered with champagne and massages while the boys cruise out in search of that ultimate fish lurking just below the surface. Join forces again mid-day to continue your 8-hour bash with an island party that will surely be the last fling before the ring.

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsA once in a lifetime adventure awaits you if you are up for it. Where else can you get the opportunity to fish and dive with experienced guides that love their job and make you feel as if you are one of them? Pacific Harbour Ocean and Island Excursions offer informative, educational and fun excursions with high standards of service whose mission is to ensure you feel relaxed and safe.

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsWith a focus on social and ethical responsibilities, Pacific Harbour Ocean and Island Excursions offers a fleet of 3 boats to suit your needs and number of guests. The Natalya Elle can fit up to 40 people while the FAD1 fits 6 passengers and the FAD2 fits up to 4 people (not including captain and deckhands). Whether you’re travelling as a soloist, couple, family or large group, discover Yanuca Island and all the fun activities it has to offer including kava tasting, kayaking and jungle trekking. Have you dreamt of catching dogtooth tuna and giant trevally?

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsOperated by their sister brand Freedive Fiji, be prepared to fight some fast fish and possibly break some records. Or perhaps you would rather spearfish instead? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, learn about equipment, techniques and fish behaviour in this exhilarating underwater sport.

Pacific Harbour ExcursionsHalf Day Charters will run approximately 4 hours, and will consist of two dive locations with at least 45 minutes in the water at each. Full Day Charters travel to reefs in the Beqa Lagoon and outer seamounts up to miles offshore and will consist of up to 4 dive spots with at least 5 hours of spearing time in the water. Customized excursions in search of various large pelagic species can be arranged upon request. For more information, visit