The latest addition to the Port Vila dining scene, Reefers, Vanuatu, is impressive to say the least. Located opposite Tana Russet Plaza, overlooking Port Vila bay, the colossal island-style natangora roof is the first thing that takes your eye, before your gaze wanders into the azure water of the bay. The restaurant has been fitted with elegant hardwood tables and chairs that lend it a feel of class while maintaining a relaxed, tropical style. Old glass buoys hang from the tall tree trunks that support the ceiling and gorgeous fire lamps illuminate the sandy beach area between the restaurant and the ocean. The bar gives Reefers its modern edge, with its trendy corrugated iron face and sophisticated backdrop. There are plenty of details that will catch your eye and keep you busy looking and finding for quite awhile.

Reefers Vanuatu

The wooden wine barrels at each corner of the bar, the beautiful hardwood bar top, the huge marlin hanging from the wall, fishing chair at the ready, for you to take that memorable shot of the one that did not get away. But the flashiest room at Reefers is the kitchen, and with it, comes the outstanding chef. Reefers wanted to offer something different and something more and the menu has been cleverly designed by Canadian Chef, Claudia de Sautels, and includes exquisite dishes, from the simple to the complicated, but all with an edge of sophistication. Those who love salads will be delighted to discover the range of gourmet salads on the menu. Those who are after a quick bite for lunch or dinner will rejoice in the burgers menu and the tacos selection. If you are after haute-cuisine, you got it. The menu has an exquisite choice of mains and entrees, characterised by complex flavours. Think Paris/New York fusion with a tropical edge on your table. How about ‘Pork Belly, croquette, poached apple, kumala puree, chard corn crispy skin,’ or ‘King prawn, squid ink gnocchi, semi-dry tomato, wine sauce, house smoked fish, basil, pecorino,’ for a main, ‘Frozen Bavarian mouse, grill Banana, Frangelico ganache, coconut crumble’ for dessert or ‘sticky wing ding chicken thighs brined with juniper berry, chilli and honey’ to share with drinks?

Reefers is not only a restaurant, it is also a bar. This is the spot to come for drinks before your dinner and stay after, for a long evening of good music and good conversation with friends. The roomy dance floor and live music will ensure a fun and memorable evening. Reefers is extraordinary.

The ‘Cool’ Factor: The décor.

Signature Dish: 8 hour smoked beef brisket, ginger pineapple relish, 7 spice onion rings.

Great for: A good time with friends.

So very special: The menu.

Ph: 22672.