fatboys solomonsFatboys Restaurant is located on the island of Mbabanga Island, an 8-minute boat ride from Gizo, the provincial capital of the Western Solomons. Located along a private jetty, 100 meters out over the reef, the experience at Fatboys is one that you’ll never forget. An amazing setting combined with mouth-watering dishes and excellent service creates the ultimate dining experience. There is a reason why the resort and restaurant is named ‘Fatboys’ and feeling gluttonous is encouraged at this tropical beachside retreat.

fatboys solomonsIf you are after something special or have dietary requirements, please let the chef know beforehand, otherwise enjoy an extensive menu using only fresh local produce and freshly caught seafood. The speciality is crayfish pan-fried in lime and butter, ask your waiter about daily specials and what wine they would recommend to go with your meal.

fatboys solomonsFatboys Bar and Restaurant is a favourite dining destination for locals, business operators and overseas visitors alike. Make a day of it if you aren’t staying at the resort already.

This is an opportunity to go snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing and sinking your teeth into the freshest seafood in this side of the hemisphere. For more information, visit www.solomonislandsfatboys.com.au.


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