It is the people and the operation of the trip what makes Surf Solomons one you’ll never forget. Are you a surfer? Do you and your friends want to experience a surfing adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before? Come and explore crystal clear water, colourful living reefs, excellent fishing, incredible scenery, tropical rainforest and the tribal societies in one of the last surfing frontiers. Destroy your comfort zone and visit places isolated and untouched by other surfers or modern tourism.

tois-tubeThe 10 day, 11 night trip is available from October to April, the ‘koburu’ season, and caters for a minimum of six people. Custom surf trips are also available providing they do not clash with pre-existing tours. Surf Solomons is a social enterprise working in partnership with village people of the Solomon Islands. They combine knowledge of the surf breaks, culture and environment to offer what for many will be a life changing, ethical surf tourism experience.  Surf Solomons is working to develop alternative models of tourism that provide real benefits to local people and strengthen their culture, environment and way of life. Experiences include local music, dancing, food, practical crafts and markets, all in their vibrant living form, and not recreated for tourists.

solwata-shackAfter you’ve flown in from Honiara, Surf Solomons will pick you up from your hotel and take you down to Point Cruz wharf area to board an air-conditioned inter island fast boat. The trip takes about 3 hours. Upon arrival, you will travel another 3 – 5 hours on an open back truck to get to the Solwata surf camp.

tois-underOn site is a bilingual Australian guide who knows the people and the amazing surf breaks and will take you to one of the offshore surf breaks on one of their two outboard motor boats. It is rare to not find a quality wave to surf and swells are usually two to six feet high. Take your time to be in the zone – there won’t be any other people around except for those on the surf trip.

eadu-1Feast on delicious, organic food that is based on local ingredients and sourced from local farmers and fishermen. Meals are lovingly prepared with traditional and outside influences resulting in a tasty meal with tropical flair. Imagine banana pancakes, kumara chips, yam soup with coconut milk, ginger chicken – you get the idea.

solwata-shack-2The base camp offers quality linen, mosquito nets, spacious bedroom, eco toilets, safe spring and rainwater for drinking, solar power, occasional mobile phone coverage, chill out lounges and hammocks. For more information, please visit

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